Dragon String Art Process


I recently posted some photos of two dragon string art pieces which I made earlier this week and will put out for sale tomorrow at the Matchstick Market in Clinton. I have a lot of fun making these pieces and thought that they could be fun to accompany my The Dragon in the Whites novels on my table at book events.

In case you’re curious, I wanted to show the breakdown of their creation process. Please see below for some step-by-step photos of the two pieces:

Small Portrait – Dragon Bust

I found a fun stock image online and enlarged it to create the bust-image that fit nicely on the target size of the wood. Using the image as my template, I nailed in brass nails at key intersections, points, and along curves that I wanted to properly represent.
After putting all the necessary nails in, I removed the paper template and left the wood with the brass nails. Now to begin!
After a few careful minutes of bouncing around and keeping the string taught, I am left with this. Enjoy!

Large Oval – Dragon with Wings Spread

As with the smaller dragon bust, I did the same but for this larger dragon with its wings spread out. This is a large image, but it has fewer points. This larger, but simpler image was easier to outline than the smaller, complex image in the bust example.
Now to add in a solid perimeter along the bark of the wood cut. I probably used more nails here than I needed to, but the higher nail count will lead to a smoother outside perimeter.
Paper template removed. Now to begin!
Using red string this time, I was left with this negative image of the dragon. I really like how this one came out!

I hope that you enjoy these pieces and seeing the background process. If you’re interested in seeing them live and/or buying one, come visit me at my next event. Thanks! Tim

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