Romance (Adult)

I have always wanted to write a romance novel, but it had to be done my way. Please enjoy my first foray into the genre with 'The Dragon in the Lighthouse'. It's a tale of two dragons meeting in Maine and finding love where they least expected. Enjoy!

The Dragon in the Lighthouse

For the first time in her life, Maggie is being selfish. When she suddenly finds herself out of work and divorced, she casts aside her life as she knows it and heads north to the seaside village of Bar Harbor. Looking for a fresh start, she goes to work for her longtime friend Sparu while enjoying the single life.

That is, until she meets Seamus: a hardworking and quiet dragon living on a nearby lighthouse, with a sorrowful past which he alone can bear.

Will their lust for each other derail both of their plans, or can they find love again in one another and rekindle the fires in their hearts?