Children's Books

Having a young son, I have read many new children's books and rediscovered some gems from my own youth. Thus far, I have only written one children's book, a bedtime story as an homage to one of my childhood favorites (Goodnight Moon), but have others planned for the future. Enjoy!

Good Night Phobos, Good Night Deimos

A playful & slightly futuristic homage to a classic bedtime story, Good Night Phobos, Good Night Deimos follows the nightly bedtime routine of a young man living and working on a Mars colony. Take a peek around his room and enjoy the wonders of living and working on Mars, a possible scenario which the reader may find him or herself living in a just a few years.

Your child will enjoy the wistful d├ęcor of the bedroom and marvel at the prospect of someday journeying to another planet to colonize, live, and create their own future. A comical assortment of accessories and a surprise neighbor make their appearance throughout the story to entertain your little one as he or she drifts off to sleep, dreaming of a world beyond our own...