The Author

Hi there! My name is Tim and I am a fantasy and science fiction author looking to share my wild ideas with the world. I have been an avid reader for my entire life and have always enjoyed writing, whether it be a technical report for work or a fictional story.

I live in New England with my lovely wife & adorable son. I am an automation engineer by day and enjoy using my skills to volunteer with several youth robotics programs.

My Writing

I enjoy writing what I love to read: fantasy and science-fiction, especially when they have a touch of reality to them to make the story believable. I have self-published three full-length novels within the Dragon in the Whites series, 'The Dragon in the Whites', 'Washington's Dragon Hunter', and 'Dragon Liberator'. I have also recently published my first SF novella, 'Eggs in Two Baskets'. All books can be found on Amazon, B&N, as well as at many fine independent book stores around New England (which I highly recommend you explore and support).