The Dragon in the Whites

A young Viking boy named Tryggvi is exploring an island off of the southern coast of Iceland when he stumbles upon an unusual stone. Left forgotten for most of his life, the stone sat in solitude... and waited.

Centuries later, a dragon is awoken from a long slumber and terrorizes the people of Maine and New Hampshire. Only the determination and resolve of a young man can save the people and put an end to the mythical tyrant. But will he be strong enough to take down the beast?

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Washington's Dragon Hunter

After their failure at the Battle of Tuckerman’s Ravine, Liam and Rob join forces with the Program to take down the dragon once and for all. Picking up new skills and state-of-the-art equipment, they’ll now be unstoppable in their quest against the deadly creature. But a chance discovery of a long-forgotten Viking relic in the mountains of Newfoundland spins Liam off on a different mindset. Is the dragon the real enemy to be worried about, or has he found himself trapped in a deadlier game?

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Dragon Liberator

The dust has barely settled from the destruction of the dam when Liam and his friends plot a daring escape mission into the heart of the Program. Intent on freeing Tryggvi from his imprisonment within the Colonel’s lab, they will stop at nothing to return him to the wild.

But will releasing the dragon cause more harm than good? Will their actions unleash a greater threat upon the world? Will Liam survive the battle to come?

The Dragon in the Whites: Omnibus Volume I

The Dragon in the Whites: Omnibus - Volume I is the collected trilogy of the Dragon in the Whites modern dragon fantasy series. In this volume the reader will find the three main works within the series: The Dragon in the Whites, Washington's Dragon Hunter, and Dragon Liberator.

Eggs in Two Baskets

65 million years after the solar system took a cheap shot at our planet by sending a rogue asteroid to annihilate the dinosaurs, the Earth finds herself under fire once again. Another errant hunk of rock has set its sights set on our fair planet, but this time, Earth has a trick up her sleeve: Humanity.

Faced with the horrors of a sixth mass extinction, the people of Earth step up to the proverbial plate and decide that the way of the dinosaurs is not for them. Deploying unconventional and possibly unethical methodologies, the President and his council work in the shadows to ensure the country’s survival at any cost. Backing them up, a covert team within the United States Space Force has mobilized to thwart the asteroid’s plans. But will high-priced starfighters and hot shot pilots be enough to save our planet? Or will another flaming chunk of minerals slam into our tiny blue dot and wreak havoc upon our civilization?